Nathan Maroncelli

1320 E 14th Ave Denver, Colorado

(970) 232-5740



University of California at Santa Barbara

2013-2017, Physiology B.S. Focus in Biochemistry Worster Research Fellow Recipient

Stanford University

2012,  Courses: Applied chemistry(31b),Organic chemistry(109a&6AL)

University of Colorado Denver

2009-2013 High school concurrence
Courses: Chemistry (1-3L), Calculus AB&BC&3, Biology (through MCDB/EEMB 2L) etc.

Rocky Mountain High school Class of 2013

[GPA: 3.8] Honors: National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta Calculus Honors Society, Gifted and Talented AP recognized student

(Research Experience↓)

UCSB Worster Research Fellowship

2016-2017: Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis Epidemiology study involving Rana muscosa and Rana sierrae. Study in collaboration with the NPS, Fish &Wildlife, USGS, UC Reserves, and others. 300+ miles of field work sampling biotic and abiotic factors of the fungal epidemic, and extensive lab experience with PCR, CRISPR and other gene amp/isolation techniques. Other qualifications include Zooplankton&Benthic Invertebrate taxonomic key experience, and mass spectroscopy operation.

UCSB Undergraduate research (under EEMB Dr. Samuel Sweets)

2013-2017: Plethodontid erythrocyte enucleation study with field, lab and husbandry duties including regular backpacking trips in Big Sur, California and weekly meetings.
Graduate Supervisor: Christopher Evelyn (858)395-5147

UCSB REEF MSI Outreach Program

2013-2014: Marine/aquatic husbandry; weekly elementary school outreach programs; UCSB Koegel Autism Center mentor.
Special qualifications: - IUCAC research certified; extensive vertebrate&Invertebrate identification experience in lab/field; SSI diving certified

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

2013: Archeological resource management
- Input and management of inventory/field observations into cataloging programs including Excel and Argus. Collaboration with NAGPRA to redistribute Native American Remains from Anthropological collections.

(Past Jobs ↓)

D&G’s Pets (Fort Collins, CO)
Marine/ Reptile Manager; sales, buyer, husbandry etc Owner/Manager: Betty Keetley (307) 221-0512

Exotic Aquatics (Boulder, CO) 2017
Marine tech, Aquarium builder, etc

and multiple food service, carpet cleaning etc

(Special Qualifications↓)

CRISPR/CAS-9 gene amp/isolation & PCR extensive manual experience

Mass Spectrometer operational/translational experience 

Taxonomic Key experience

Adobe CC; Premiere Video, Illustrator & Photoshop experience

Excel &ARGUS cataloging language

R statistical coding language

IUCAC Vertebrate research certified

OSHA Blood Born Pathogens and other certifications

SSI Diving certified

(Art Publications↓)

Pond Magazine (US) June 2015
Editorial Photography

The Rakish Gent (IND) July 2015
Fashion Illustration

Out Magazine

January 2018 Tattoo Artist Profile  & February 2018 Photography& production